Are you a caring for a child for a family member?

Are you the Kinship Caregiver? Are you the Grandparent Raising a Grandchild? We are here to help!

Welcome to the Central Arizona Kinship Care Coalition web site! Are you caring for a kin, a loved one who is either a child or youth in your care? Are you caring for a child not born unto you? Are you a grandparent raising a grandchild/grandchildren?

The Central Arizona Kinship Care Coalition was created to support kinship families and the children they care for.  Our coalition helps kinship families (that includes you and others you know) and this site was made just for you and so many others like you. You are not alone.

We offer support, community connection, supportive relationships, resources to life skills, education, employment, housing, respite, respite vouchers, financial and legal services.

HELP IS AVAILABLE!  We connect you to credible information, assistance, answers, new ideas and helpful options for you and your family. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the Central Arizona Kinship Care Coalition is to support, educate and empower kinship care families with the purpose of promoting resilient, loving families.

Our Share Values:

The work of the Central Arizona Kinship Care Coalition is driven by the shared vision that empowered caregivers will achieve stability and a permanent family connection for the children and youth in their care, and by the following core values:

  • Inclusion of the caregiver voice in planning and service delivery.
  • Respect and recognition of the unique nature and cultural background of kinship families.